Retreat Program

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The retreat is structured as an intensive, week long learning experience. Subjects are broadly arranged along theme days with the general themes being : Signs of the Last Day, Islamic Economics and Politics, Islamic Spirituality (2 Days) and the Muslim Village.
There is also sufficient time allocated for recreation and interaction with other participants. Males and Females are both welcome to attend. A special program for the ladies is in the works and will be announced soon, insha Allah. Lectures start at 10h00 and end after Eshaa at around 21h30.

As part of the program there will be a public dialogue with a Christian priest, arrangements will be announced along with details of the public lecture tour, insha Allah.

Admission to the intensive program is by registration only!

The following topics will be comprehensively discussed at the retreat. A full itinerary will be provided to the delegates:

Moulana  Imran Hosein –

Special session on Dajjal, the false mesiah.
Special session on Dreams in Islam.
Jerusalem in the Quran
Islam, Feminism and the Family.
Gog and Magog/ Ya’juj wa Ma’juj and world Events.
Islam, Money and Ribah.
Islam and the Political Order
Surah Kahf in the Modern Age.
Imam Mahdie and the Return of the Khilafat
Marriage in Islam
The Significance of Islamic Spirituality.
The Muslim Village.

Imam Afroz Ali (Australia – Al Ghazalli Institute) – The heart of the Muslim Village

Lessons from the Seerah- The Makkan–Madinan Model
Lessons from Imam al-Ghazzali’s “Marvels of the Heart”- Practical Spirituality
Lessons from the Prophet- Founding a Community on Compassion

Moulana Ali Khan (Kzn, Graduate Aleemiyah Institute)

Taqwa, the key to spiritual development.

Just as there are pre-requisites for Iman and `amal salih for one to attain salvation in the Hereafter, in the same way, there are pre-requisites for Ruhaniyat or spiritual development for one to attain success both in this world and the next.
Taqwa is an important concept for it is mentioned over 253 times in the Holy Qur’an. It implies Allah-Consciousness, doing our duties to Allah, remembering Allah’s commandments at all times, safeguarding ourselves from evil, striving towards piety and righteousness, being just, maintaining ummatic unity. Taqwa is in essence the spark which illuminates our lives through our sincere devotion to Allah ta`ala., enabling us to attain purification of our souls which is so crucial for our spiritual development. In other words, without Taqwa, the salik (devotee in quest of Allah) will never be in a position to reach his/her destination.

Imam Irshaad Soofi Siddique (Pietermaritzburg Central Mosque)

Attack on the spiritual Heart
Status of the Messenger

Moulana Ali Mustafa

ESTABLISH ISLAMIC SOCIETY WHEREVER YOU ARE – The Challenge for Muslims of the 15th Century Hijri.

Prof Mohammad Tariq Kahn (CPUT – Energy and Sustainability Centre, South Africa)

The Silver Dirham and the Open Mithqal Standard.

Sh Ismail Ngumane (Islamic Centre, Gugulethu, South Africa)

Amirate – Islamic leadership and its application in democratic societies.

Moulana Riedewaan Mathews

Kalimah Tayyibah (Tawheed) – the Foundation of Spirituality.


Tawheed is the foundation of Islamic spirituality in fact, all the great spiritual masters were Muwahiddeen.
Basically when one looks at the Kalimah it contains 4 features:

1. Creation
2. God-hood
3. Rolemodel
4. Ideology

The presentation will look at and discuss these 4 features.  The Kalimah gives us the Right & Perfect Ideal (Allah), The Right & Complete Ideology ( Islam) and the Right & Perfect role model ( Muhammad S). It gives the individual and broader society the correct thought & attitude in life.  It gives the correct methodology in broad principles to effect Just changes in society.  All Prophets (AS) came with the message of Tawhid, and with The final Prophet S the message of Tawhid thus became:

* Complete
* Practical
* Universal
* Unique
* Eternal
* Fits Human Nature

The war of the worlds is the war of Ideologies and the dominance of one over the other. The human being and society will only attain ultimate & everlasting peace through submission to the Will and Plan of Allah swt which is formulated in the Kalimah.

Shaykh Sa’adullah Khan

Towards a Qur’ānic Spiritual Consciousness with particular focus on tazkiyah, tasfiyah and itminān
Environmental Ethics ~ An Islamic Perspective
Activating the Self for a Life of Significance