The Islamic Network is funded mostly by its members.  Your  assistance in our causes will help us with our various dawah, educations & community upliftment projects. Please use the “Donate” button on the right to support our organisation.

Our activities include:


In conjunction with the Al-Ghazzali Institute if Australia, we provide video correspondence courses on the Seerah of the Prophet (saw) as well the Imam Al Gazzalli’s Mysteries of the Heart.  We also arrange masjid lecture tours, seminars & conferences where we focus on implementation of the ideas of our teacher, like the Muslim Village, Sunnah Money (Gold, Silver coins and commodities), Ribah (Interest) awareness and other pertinent issues.

Spiritual Upliftment

We have regular gatherings on Thursday nights for the recitation of Surah Al Kahf and parts of the Ratibul Hadad, the traditional Cape Town thikr. These gatherings are used for moral and spiritual improvement of the attendees as well as to concientise the jama’ah on important matters.  A recent development is the start of a class on spirituality, held on Monday nights after Eshaa.  The class is taught by an experienced & qualified Alim, as well as and advisor to the Islamic Network, Shaykh Ali Mustafa.

Community Upliftment

We are actively involved with the Masakhane Muslim Community of Guguletu, Khayelitsha & Phillipi and continuously provide hands on assistance to the township communities. Recently, we have developed a system where they are able to electronically collect funds for the various madressa’s, masaajid & soup kitchens they are involved with. We are also actively involved in assisting with their Da’wah efforts in the townships.

The Islamic Network is also active in Mitchells Plain where we have initiated a program to create a unified program, with the imamate of the area, to deal with the many issues of moral decay in our community.

Community Online Presence Development

A first of its kind in our Islamic community, we have created  A free service whereby we offer free website development (and general technical assistance) to any Islamic organisation.  This program has been a huge success and we have already trained almost 50 members of the public on how to develop and maintain their own website.  We are also currently in the planning stages of developing a free course in basic computer skills, which we have identified as an urgent requirement in our community.

Awareness Campaigns

In association with The Film Club (established by a founding member of the Islamic Network) we arrange regular public screenings of thought provoking documentaries where we encourage the community to discuss issues relevant to modernity, development and geo-politics. Past and future topics include: Global Warming, Islamic Economics, Palestine, Globalisation, Food Security, Genetically modified foods.

Muslim Eco Village

“From Makkah to Medinah one more time…” Our humble attempt at creating a faith based eco-village, which seeks to recreate optimum conditions for spiritual development of residents and the communities around them. The MV will pursue zero-waste agro-ecological processes, use sunnah money, establish a free trade market and provide education and assistance to the surrounding communities. 40 Hectares of land near Cape Town has been made available and an option to purchase at cost price has been offered by the owner, who himself wishes to become a resident of the village!

Waqf Mint

Having already successfully minted a number of dirhams, we are now in the process of building a Waqf coin minting facility, so as to re-establish sunnah money and as a response to global financial uncertainty. The mint will produce mainly silver coins but if there is enough demand gold will be considered as well. With help from our Indonesian consultant a minting press, tooling has been acquired, designs and specifications finalised. A Muhtasib has been appointed and we should realise our first coins in early January insha Allah!

The mint operates on waqf principles and any profits made are put back into training, development of other mints and reducing cost and increasing output.

Production of Media Programs (Audio/visual)

We host a monthly edition of Prime Talk on Radio 786, where we discuss matters related to Islam and Money, Islamic governance, Islamic Eschatology etc.

In a recent development, Islamic Network has become an integral part of Deen TV.  A newly established Islamic TV station.  More news on this exciting development will be posted on this website soon!

Second International Islamic Retreat

The 2nd International Islamic retreat, held is March 2011, was truly a landmark event for the Islamic Network team.  Over 200 delegates, from over 20 different countries were hosted for 2 weeks in beautiful Cape Town and attended lectures by world renowned scholars.  Feedback from delegates can be viewed here

An ongoing effort to publish and gather the teachings and intellectual output of Moulana Imran N Hosein and make it available at no cost to the world. At present we host over 11 of his books in English along with contributed translations in Arabic, Albanian, Bulgarian, German, Bahasa Malayu and Urdu. Several of his other books are presently being scanned and converted for online publication. There are also many video, audio lectures as well as over 100 articles on a range of contemporary issues. The site averages in excess of 2.5 million hits and serves over 600gigs of guidance per month.