Maulana Imran Hosein – Cape Town Lecture Tour: February 2015

Date Topic Venue Time Thu Feb 19th Sura al-Kahf recitation & talk on “Muslim alliance with Rum in Ahirus Zamaan” Toronga Road Masjid, Rondebosch East Immediately after Mahrib Fri Feb 20th Jumuah Masjidul Quds, Gatesville Fri Feb 20th Malcom X: A role model for todays youth Park Rd Mosque, Wynberg Immediately after Mahrib Sat Feb […]

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Surah Al Kahf and Riba

Surah al-Kahf & Riba – By Mogamat Abrahams All praise is for Allah sustainer of the worlds. We praise him and seek his help and forgiveness. We believe in him and put our trust in him; and we seek Allah’s protection against the evil of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whoever is […]

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  • Trinidad Live Classes !!
      My lectures from Trinidad will commence on Sunday February 5th from 8am (Trinidad time). They can be viewed live from:   IBN Communications Company Ltd. Questions can be sent by email during the lectures to    with love,   INH   Read more...
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    Imran N. Hosein Turkish President Erdogan is, of course, quite correct that there was US (and hence NATO) involvement in the attempted coup against his government. He is also quite correct in his accusations against the Turkish Sufi Shaikh, Fathullah Gulen, accusing him of involvement in the coup. It would have been more honest of Erdogan, however, if he had
  • An Introduction to Methodology for Study of the Qur’an
      Methodology for the Study of Dajjāl in the Qur’ān was meant to be included as a chapter of my book on Dajjāl. However I realized that it was too long to function as a chapter, and hence I had to remove the material that was specific to Dajjāl, and then publish it as a separate book altogether. I have no regrets in doing so since it was my desire that this
  • Jerusalem in the Quran - FRENCH TRANSLATION
    Translation by brother Abdul Hakim Ibourk. Download ~ 2.8MB .PDF